Loyal Toast for a squadron dinner

I have been asked to be a Vice President at my squadron dinner. I am aware that I have to do a loyal toast but I have no idea what this is and what is said.

Please could you give me an idea?

When summoned by whoever is master of ceremonies, stand up and say “Ladies and gentlemen, The King”

Everyone else should then stand up and say “The King”, hold up their glass/charge and take a sip.

Then sit down again.

The Vice is also responsibile for the social entertainment for the evening and generally up to vice what they choose to do.

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In Lancashire the toast is or will be ‘The King, The Duke of Lancaster’.

Mister Vice is instructed when to rise for the loyal toast. Mister Vice also when the Mess President (PMC) retires with guests to another room or bar for first crack at the post dinner drinks, Mr Vice and a selected group or cronies move the places where the PMC and guests seated and demolish the Port/Madiera.

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My old unit had a navy section. Our toast was “The Queen and all who still within her” to which the response was 'Philip". I’m pretty sure that was wrong though


Rather than ‘Philip’ it was the Lord High Admiral?

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Although, for a Squadron dinner, and where the Vice is a cadet, that may very well not be a required part of the job.
Most Sqn dinners I’ve seen, they just ask ‘Mr Vice’ to propose the toast.


for the protection of the Vice and the guests!!
Most times I have seen this allowed has not ended well…

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We must have lucked out with our choices of Vice then - never had a problem with the “entertainment” portion.

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and watch out for people holding a glass of water underneath the wine/port glass while drinking the toast…

Which interestingly merges when Prince William ascends as he is a descendant on his mothers side…

He’s not the ‘top’ pretender, though, is he? (Wikipedia says it’s Franz, Duke of Bavaria.)