Lost Faith

So… Where do I begin?
I used to be a cadet. Gained CWO represented the corps, assisted Sqn, Wing, and region. Loved it, made me a better person.

Having tried to become a CI for multiple years and not being successful, this has become something I no longer want to pursue. I have tried messaging multiple units over social media and via the Air Cadet website. but heard nothing back in my wing.

I have contacted ACF and SCC who are more than happy to get back to me. So what’s gone wrong? you can’t have too many CFAV’s so why is this such an issue? I have openly made it aware that I want to become a CFAV. Any advice?

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This is honestly bizarre. If an ex CWO was wanting to join as a CFAV I’d be chomping at the bit to get then onboarded ASAP!

What I will say is social media and the air cadet website sadly aren’t great at getting though to Sqns a lot of the time. Have you tried emailing directly? Try emailing OC.1234@rafac.mod.gov.uk where 1234 is the Sqn you’re interested in? Otherwise I’d suggest just turning up on a night that they parade and introducing yourself!




Pick a unit you like and walk through the front door.


Where do you live? Happy to buy you a coffee and discuss Coming Over To The Dark Side, aka the CCF…


Don’t bother emailing Wing. They don’t respond to prospective CFAVs. Showed up at squadron and asked to speak to the OC. Got the ball rolling there and then.


I tried to make contact via the HQ website and by emailing both my local wings and didn’t hear anything. About 2 years later I was introduced to my current OC, who took it from there.

So calling up or emailing the local Squadron is the best option.

I tried to get a friends child set up with a Sqn down south to me, they had filled the online form and waited…and waited…and waited a little more. I then Emailed their OC, copied in their Adj, TO and general email…still nothing. I then rang them on their parade night, no answer. I left them 2 voice mails in total and again nothing! After a couple of months I got a snappy email back from the OC who was also the Adj and TO if I remember, he said he had covid and would get back to me and would contact the parent. They never did, I contacted their wing to say how disappointed I was that they had not contacted the parent to get their child started. Her child has now lost interest and I’ve heard zip back since.

When I had my interest to join back up, It took 8 months from time of filling the form out to hearing from the OC. Set up interview, told lengthy process and to fill forms out. Was another few months before I got the start date and I’ve been ever present, since.

I am surprised that an exCWO hasn’t enough contacts and gumption to just walk through the door of a local Squadron. Yes, I know there has been lockdowns etc but am I missing something here?


…Also a bit confusing in that you say you no longer want to persue this…

…so are you still wanting to do it? …then as above go to your nearest / preferred Sqn and introduce yourself.
…if not still wanting …then I guess topic closed!


Emailing can be fruitless as it can end up in junk, even ones to the official emails.
Wing and so on are worse than useless. I get emails from Wing about prospective staff and cadets who live nowhere near us and if I remember spin it to the best one.

As said find out the parade times, go and visit and turn up 1945 - 2000 as things should going by then and someone will be able to chat. Sometimes Mohammed has to go the mountain.


I agree with the general advice for the author, pop in and say hello :wave:

However… my pennies worth as a Sqn OC is that the social media and RAFAC website methods of contacting sqns depends on the cogs in the chain.
I personally get emails forwarded by WHQ from the RAFAC website on a regular basis and it works very well. I typically respond within a day or two at most with a preset email about intakes and visiting the sqn.
Reading stories above of it taking several months to hear back(if at all), simply baffles me.
Perhaps Sqn OCs should be poking their respective WHQs as to why they aren’t getting these(or looking in the mirror and having a word).