Lord Lieutenant's Cadet Badging on MTP

Hi everyone,

Just had a nomination for the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet, so got me thinking about uniform and the badging.
In AP1358C it states that " It is to be worn at all times throughout the tenure of office." which brings me onto my question:

Do you wear the badge with your combat uniform as well? AP1358C says about both No2s and No1s, but nothing about No3s, which makes me think that the answer is no, but I thought I would check.

Thanks in advance!

Nope, the ACF do it but we don’t.

As a sidenote, does anyone elses wings/RFCAs encourage wearing of the badge once they are no longer a LLC?

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Thanks, that helps.

Unfortunately nothing in AP1358C about after the appointment is finished really as far as I can see.

It’s only for the tenure so is removed after

When I was a cadet I remember seeing former LLCs wearing the small version of the badge they’re given at the end of their tenure on their brassards. This would have been between 2009-2016. Not seen it anywhere recently.

I know it was probably against the regs then too but all the same…

I’ve never heard of this and certainly didn’t get one… do you have an image?

Indeed, my RFCA encourage wearing after tenure and many do

That will risk irritating us uniform police! My argument would be RFCA dont set dress regulations the RAFAC do

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I did question and my WWO/OC Wg appear to like it being worn and like to annoy the uniform police by saying AP1358c says nothing about not wearing it after their tenure. All fun and games.

1358C should dictate it you are correct there…I’ll send it up the chain


Might just be a Welsh thing? The badge in this picture is considerably smaller than the full size one they get on appointment.

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