Looking for SNCO No1 SD uniform

I have recently been and completed Ssic at RAFC Cranwell and have started to look for No1 SD and No5 mess dress uniforms. Firstly can anyone suggest anywhere that is not going to charge the earth or secondly does anyone have any for sale. I am 6’1" and would need 48" chest, 38-40" waist, 31" inside leg. not the easiest of sizes to come by. any help greatly appreciated. many thanks.

personally i took a spectulative look on eBay and found a very acceptable set for £20.

Ok so the SD hat would have looked worn out had it been worn in 1918 so was put aside but the rest was as per the sizes i offered.

That is not a guaranteed solution but one i found. I happened upon a seller with stock in various sizes which could be accommodated!

best of luck in your search!

I went to initial kitting at my parent station recently and for a donation to the poppy tin I managed to acquire a very reasonable set. May be worth a punt next time you’re visiting. I know we’re not scaled for them as SNCO but no harm in asking if any of the old stock can be put to good use.