Looking for-No 1 female jacket SNCO

Hi all,
Looking for a Female SNCO No 1 jacket.
Chest 108 and height 170cm.

My local stores doesn’t have any and ebay is useless at the moment.

Please let me know if you have/ know of a suitable jacket. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d strongly advise against getting the jacket by itself unless you’re convinced that the trousers/skirt you have are exactly the same colour. There’s nothing more obvious than a slightly mismatched set of 1s.

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Very good point.
To be honest, something is better then nothing at the moment with a few upcoming events.

At the moment I can’t find anything so I’d much rather a miss matching jacket for a few months then nothing.

But thank you for the comment because I will certainly bear this is mind for the future :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I wouldn’t worry about that. My local RAF stores will just give you a Jacket or Skirt / trousers separately to whatever fits. The mismatch in colour is so minor it’s hardly noticeable to be honest.