Logging Duke of Edinburgh work

As some of you know, I’m hoping to take a walking group leader’s course and teach practical map and compass to my Cadets when I rejoin my Squadron. If I were to do this, how could I go about logging those hours spent outside towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for the Cadets?

Get a write up from your assessor? And record it on the E-DofE site?

@dav319128 do I need a write up from my assessor to log DofE hours? Or just the qualification? I am only referring to the hours the Cadets might spend walking just to be clear, not myself as I am over 25.

As far as I am aware, you just need to enter the start date, and end date.

As in over the months, start date. So doing it once a week, or month as a skill/physical.

That sounds pretty painless, thank you. I think we had paper logs when I was Cadet.

I can recommend fully that you get yourself onto an “Intro to the DofE” course when you have gone through the joining process.

This will explain and allow you to use the online DofE system and enable you to run your DofE (or assist) within your squadron.


Ah fantastic, that’s just what I need.