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Can I ask how you log into Ultilearn? Do you have a role specific log in or is it by personal log in? The reason I ask is that I’ve been told that all staff on an AEF have access to Bader and Ultilearn but have never seen anything to state this. The OC and I have Bader access which is role specific but no access to Ultilearn.

Now I previously had access when I was a WSO but that was a role specific log in.

Thanks in advance.

Ultilearn logins tend to be your service number.
If you’re not aware of a password then use the “forgot your password” feature which, for ATC (and I’m guessing CCF) sends a temporary password to the unit OC.

Each account gets generated once staff are added to SMS. Are your staff on SMS? The OC account gets sent the log in details of username and password. Once you have a real service number this then needs a help desk request to transfer Ultilearn username to real CIN.

Thanks all.

We don’t have SMS so probably don’t have access to Ultilearn then!

Surely all AEF and VGS staff have access to ultilearn… how else do they get away with not doing their mandatory training?

Or is it yet again 1 rule for ATC sqn staff and another rule for… AEF, VGS, SATT, Region staff, etc.
Do CCF also have to do this mandatory training or do they get away with the usual nonsense of ‘its covered under our teacher annual safety days, honest guv’?

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AEF are owned by 6FTS and the RAF, all the others you mention are owned by HQAC.

Do AEFs have an @rafac.mod.gov.uk email address (previously @aircadets.org) as to have these accounts allocated to you have to be a named person.

@Paracetamol this is a major thread drift, but check ACTO 99 it 100% covers all ATC staff regardless of if they are at a Sqn / Wg / Region. A lot of it is RAFAC specific so I doubt the CCF can say it is covered by their school training, however school policy does override RAFAC in terms of safeguarding unless on a CCF residential.

yes - i have just typed in a few AEFs into the to bar and their email is
XAEF@rafac.mod.gov.uk - where X is the AEF number.
it is listed as a “general account” so i guess the same as our Sqn general account

oc.XAEF@ works too…

How exactly…

The topic is ‘log in for ultilearn’ my statement / query was…

All about ultilearn log ins as far as I can see!

Except the part where you are talking about mandatory training not applying to all

I would call that additional information… but now we are on to thread drift. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Oh the irony.

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