Lock Changes

So has anyone been told that they are having to have the locks changed on their buildings and that once this has been done you will only be entitled to 3 keys which you can’t have cut?

We were told yesterday that ours are being done this Friday!

How would they know you’ve not cut more keys?

I assume they are going to use the type that you “can’t” get cut.

Interesting … any implication for registered keyholders with the police?

As if HQAC would fork out that kind of money…

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Certainly sounds legit - spending lots of money to make the lives of volunteers more complicated and difficult.


I get the feeling that the contractors who are too lazy to go to Wing for keys have sold the idea to RFCA.

No but we all got small single lockers fitted to our Sqn’s in our area.
apparently it was for RFCA to fill with records of the unit for contractors to use
Asbestos reports, RAs for contractors and similar but 1 year on they are still sitting empty

has anyone had that done?

Nope, no locks being changed, nor records lockers fitted in my sector/wing.

suddenly found the money at the end of the financial year…31 days left to spend before year end??

We got a new padlock on our gate about a year ago, we have 4 sets of building keys and they provided us with 1 gate key (the second being held at wing). After fighting for months we got 1 more and they refused for us to pay for another due to security concerns. Even though all 4 sets of keys are held by SC cleared staff… go figure!

We went through a similar drama 8 years ago. It was hugely annoying. IIRC it lasted 3 months before the RFCA themselves got bored of not having enough keys to issue contractors, themselves, the ACF and us. Especially when contractor lost a set and it meant somebody from the RFCA had to visit us for works… and stay all day!!

Luxury! We only have 2 and one of those we had to “borrow” from wing and never gave back.

Would that give contractors unfettered access?

And a new set of locks?

They are not ‘restricted ‘ blanks, they are just difficult to get hold of. You need to find a decent ‘proper’ locksmith…

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From what I’m hearing all units will have different locks but their will be a master held by RFCA which opens all the units without the need for staff to be present.

Glad we have a keypad lock on our unit, it’s enough of a palaver getting a key for the key press…

I wonder if that means that (a) they can open the units themselves or (b) they actually will open the units themselves and save volunteers having to do it.

Well since I was told a few years back when we had to provide Wing & RFCA with a set each at Squadron Cost that we wouldn’t need to come in anymore and nothing has changed I’m not holding my breath!

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