List function

Why does the bullet point list function not work?

[li]Bullet Point 1[/li]
[li]Bullet Point 2[/li]
[li]Bullet Point 3[/li]
[li]Bullet Point 4[/li]
[li]Bullet Point 5[/li]

I don’t know but if you use List Item ([ li ]and [ /li ] without the spaces) It does work.

I can’t see any bullet points on your list? :?

What browser are you using, I used chrome and can see them but in IE10 they don’t show.#

Edited to add IE7 seems to work, I can’t check any other browsers at the moment as it seems Microsoft discontinued the online bit of SuperPreview :frowning:

I’m using IE and Firefox and it doesn’t show for me either.

Bit I can see them on dolphin on my phone!

How queer!

Chrome shows them too.

On the desktop I have them in chrome but not Firefox (on Linux) very odd