Linking Bader Calendars to Outlook

I used to have my Outlook calendar set up so that it got data from the Sharepoint site - very useful as it meant that at a glance I could see when wing/region events were and where they clashed with the rest of my life.

Since then they seem to have changed the format and now it doesn’t work - is there any way of doing this now? Would be very useful.

I’ll take that as a no then!

I’d be interested in knowing an answer to this too; I don;t currently link calendars to my Outlook but would like to start.

Helpdeak request?

It is possible, don’t ask me how as I am still trying to figure it out.

My Wing have done it and post the calendar to a public facing calendar on their website.

So does that give you date place and time in a public available space? Can anyone see the calendar?

It gives date, event name and closing date.

I can see where you were going there, no as per SOP’s activity times and locations etc are not posted, it is there to give cadets visibility of what courses are available, when and what application deadlines are. Good idea IMHO.

I agree, Ive been looking to advertise course and activities but without have to manually enter on another calender. As I already have 2 calender in sharepoint to update in reluctant to have a thrird.

I had hoped that after everyone was on the same version of sharepoint that we could use cascading calenders but as yet I cant see it happening. ie corp region wing all on one calender. would enable de-conflicting events at unit level.

On a similar note, there’s a support ticket in asking for a sharepoint task assigned to an individual to appear in that person’s outlook tasks. This’d be amazing for us, as it’d let us see tasks from any Sharepoint task lists on our laptops and phones.

But perhaps it’s just us that use the task lists on sharepoint?

Sounds like a cracking idea to me. Does kind of rely on everyone in your team / project embracing Sharepoint though, which I could see being a sticking point if used at Wing level.