Limited time off without going NEP

I seem to remember a IBN or e-mail regarding a change in policy regarding taking limited time out without the need to go NEP. I have been looking for any reference to this but cannot find anything.

Can any you in ACC land help???

PI202 para 12 details voluntary absence for officers. 302 for SNCOs, 402 for CIs.
I can’t find a formal procedure about it.

This might be the IBN you mentioned

Check out PI111 as well as Incubus’ reference.

Just found the ACP 20 ref, I will have a look at PI 111

It just suggests that it is a thing.

Many thank all. Answered

Personally I would speak to your OC, take the time and no need for any admin.
I don’t and never really have understood NEP as we volunteer and are unpaid, so having to get formal permission to take time off is nonsensical.


It’s probably as long it takes OC Wing to find out you are missing.

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However, where it is deemed by medical professionals that attending the ATC is aiding their recovery or is beneficial to their ongoing welfare,

How or when would this happen?

It is ironic that we aren’t employees, yet we need to advise HQAC personnel. If we are not employed why would we bother? What are they going to do other than, maybe, shuffle some paper real and or electronic and warm a seat.

Your are signed off work with depression (I know you don’t believe it exists) but a professional deems that continued involvement with cadets will help your recovery (they usually recommend you continue with hobbies).

You need to tell HQ because they owe a duty of care to you and the cadets, therefore if you are too sick to work they need to assess if cadet activities would be dangerous to you, or if your condition means you couldn’t safely supervise the cadets.

If I was signed off sick from work I would not be going anywhere near the ATC or other things I do and that would be my assessment, also I would not expect my employer would be very happy, if I wasn’t able to work, yet deemed fit enough to do ATC and other things, given the last thing Air Cadet things are stress free. Would your employer?
WRT to work HQ do not have a duty of care to me, my employer does. On a cadet activity perhaps, but we all self-certify we are fit and able to do things.

We have had it made abundantly clear, repeatedly, over the last few years that we are not employed. Now if I was eligible for sick pay from the ATC, different matter entirely, as they say every little helps.

The two occasions I have been off sick from work in my working life, I was far too ill to stray too far from a toilet for several days, each time.

That’s you.

Debatable - depends on what aspect you’re talking about. What many find, however, is a social and activity “bubble” which can be a boost to esteem and mental health more broadly.

The same as people will have negative emotional triggers and anchors, there can be positives too.


Which is exactly why the regulations say what they do :man_facepalming:


You are bang on. My life outside of cadets is incredibly stressful and busy and as sad as it sounds cadets is my break from reality. If I was signed off work for stress and/or depression im fairly sure attending cadets would aid that recovery.


Depends what you are signed off for really. Has to be examined on a case by case basis. For example a broken bone might physically restrict you from doing your day job, and work place adjustments are not practical / possible, so you get signed off. It however may well still be entirely possible to attend Squadron in some capacity or another.

And having had a spell off work in similar circumstances, the first few weeks went quickly but after that and becoming saturated by daytime TV all I wanted to do was get back to work. Cadets provided an opportunity to maintain some form of normality and keep my mind active etc, definitely promoting recovery!

Does that mean that you don’t think you have a duty of care to the kids as you don’t employ them?


That’s what I did. I liaised with my GP, line manager and HR at work and my CoC at cadets and all agreed that it would be good for my recovery. Can’t say for certain but I’m sure it sped up my return to work

I have seen people at work put through disciplinaries as they have been off sick and been seen out shopping, down the pub etc. Would I want to jeopardise my paid employment? No. If people came to visit that’s a different matter in terms of socialising, but I wouldn’t go to see them.

Maybe people need to develop some other interests etc. I would have plenty to keep me going if I was off sick long term. My wife has a permanent list to keep me busy. I sometimes use the ATC as an excuse to get away from it.

The modern HR practices and industry standard ways of working allow and modern HR/management training actually covers that peoples put of work life might make them feel better…the company your colleagues have worked for are either A) out of touch or B) complete arsegoles to work for that are at risk from tribunal consequences.

It’s not going to jeopardise your paid employment if it’s on the instruction of a doctor.