Lightweight Thermal Smocks


I was recently on a cadet activity and I noticed people wearing the RAF issue lightweight thermal smock ( As these don’t get issued, they are private purchase, but are cadets allowed to wear them?

Thanks, James

It’s part of the PCS, which means that you can wear it (like any other bit of PCS other than the UBACS).

But no one should really notice, as it’s not an outer layer…

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Ok! Thanks for the information!

:joy: comment of the day. Its ONLY ever worn as outerwear, with obligatory coffee cup with screwtop in hand


Coffee cup is usually SATT branded cup (or sometime RAFAC :wink:

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Plus we are forgetting the obligatory desert boots as well!

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It’s green, that means you can wear it as outerwear…

It’s a cheap alternative to a buffalo, and in and of itself it’s a decent price of cold weather gear - it does have a design flaw in that it’s arms a quite narrow, and as the inner is fleece instead of pile, it tends to grip hold of whatever you’re wearing underneath it when you try and take it off.

Again, design flaws accepted, if cadets are on a cold, wet, windy training area, they’d be better off having one than not.


I saw something similar, worn as outerwear over No2 dress last weekend! :roll_eyes:

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Anyone who objects to a cadet wearing one should be fired immediately.

They are decent bits of kit, and light. Also note there is a heavier version available with a full length zip, which is more like the old softie jacket. That one is VERY warm. I have both because I’m a kit monster.


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