LIBOR grants



You can bet your bottom dollar it will be approached from the latter…


Having read around the submit area it would seem the onus is on the Permit holder rather than the Permit Issuer to ensure that which is listed at Section 4 of the Section 19 + 22 Gov docs is adhered to so Sqn’s (as Permit Holders) are I believe already liable rather than HQAC if it issue arises. I’m sure it would feed back up the chain however.

The application of Permit 19 for RAFAC business is currently being reviewed as part of the engagement, the question in question is whether cadets in transit constitutes Hire or Reward or not. Previously ACTO151 required all SOV’s to have Permit 19’s to be in place as it was believed that this was the case. Section 3.1 Para 2 would seem to support that view but there is use of the word “may” which has resulted in consultation with the lawyers for a final definition.

Perhaps one solution would be to have all Sqns apply direct to the traffic commissioner for their Permit 19’s (if deemed that our vehicles should have them which I believe they should) as that might well remove HQAC from accountability on an issuing basis, (they could cease to be a [designated body])( but ultimately it would reflect on the organisation if something went wrong.

I’ve never operated a preventative maintenance schedule as such, only completed daily checks, combined service intervals with MoTs and addressed faults as they have occurred/been spotted through the former checks. This seemed best practice considering we self fund for these vehicles. I’d hope a measured approach is taken as SOV’s are integral in the delivery of the cadet experience, now even more so as the Flying/Gliding offer contracts to fewer locations, that are further apart.

I have a thread open with said WO MT on this specific issue and I’m happy to convey any thoughts direct. Effectively the solution needs to be minimum cost and minimum admin in order for maximum adherence.

Apologies for continuing thread drift - I’ll open a new one.


Anyone heard anything about these grants? It’s been over a year now!


Details from Cumbria & Lancs Mail Drop


It really is a joke… we were rushed to put our bids in and have had to wait so long for a result (either way). We have put off applying to other sources for our project so as to avoid the chance of duplicate funding. I think I’m actually at the point of writting this off.


“The new cadet units, established under Cadet Expansion Programme, are backed by £50 million funding from LIBOR funds, which pays for set up costs, cadets uniforms, equipment and training”.

From the report recently published on the positive effects of cadet forces. At least someone is getting some LIBOR funding…


Has anyone had a further update on whether we will actually see any money from these grants? Think I may look for funding elsewhere…


Last i was told was no news. That was 6months ago.

I’ve already considered it dead.

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Could put all the sqn funds on the gala bingo app


How are you doing this??
We were knocked back last year as the lottery funding now was only to support new initiatives not already set up organisations we were informed


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Awards for All, you can get £10K no problem


Folks, I’ve set up a page on the ACC Wiki; would be really handy if people could post their knowledge and experience on there!

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thats who knocked us back Daws…


You need to have a word with whoever writes your applications, we’ve had at least £100K out of them between us.


Daws, it has been the same person over the last 10 years who has had about 8 successful applications.
then last year we were informed they were no longer supporting existing organisations, only new start up groups or those for rehabilitation groups would be considered.


Big lottery fund or awards for all.

Had 20k over 3 years.


HQAC SO1 visited us at Fairbourne a few weeks ago and said that HQAC had “just” received the money. They got less than they thought (£325k I think) and will be distributing it “soon”.