LIBOR grants



We had to list what we were going to spend the money on and justify it, so the former


In hindsight that’s good, but for the current round, those of us who actually put a fair amount of effort into writing the bid we’d massively lose out on what we were hoping for, whereas the other Sqns would gain for doing no work (I’ve been led to believe I wrote the only bid that was submitted from my Wg)


with an equal split across the 34 Wings you could end up with a well funded project! :joy:


I was wondering what had happened to bids…I just assumed that no news meant the money had gone elsewhere. And if it’s now going to HQ I was probably right. Not that I’m cynical or anything…


Just reduce everyone’s awardby the proportion of over bidding and let them make up the shortfall. A win win


We were informed just prior to Chirstmas it would be around March 2018 before successful bids were confirmed…


Hurry up and wait at its finest!!!

“Get your bids in - you have two weeks. Go.”
“When will we find out?”
“Next year - maybe March?”


Anyone had an update on this? We still haven’t heard anything… :frowning:


Double checked emails and last thing I got was that things were still moving slowly… expect somthing in April. (This was back in Jan 2018).


From 20 Mar - effectively the same thing.
c260 ATC bids for a pot of £360K currently with HM Treasury for consideration.


I fear I already know the answer but here goes… Has anyone heard any updates in regards to LIBOR? I’m sure it must have been raised at some point during last week’s conference…


Update from Convention from C&L

The LIBOR fund bids requested last year were all past to the Government and were accepted. The bids were heavily oversubscribed, but we have been promised that funds will be allocated against these bids. No date for this was available as it is outside the control of HQAC.


wildly off topic, but reading the update offered by themajor

with regards the comments on use of SOVs

what other assurance can be offered??
an MOT indicates a vehicle is Road Worthy - what other tests or hoops cans their be to ensure this remains the case save for a MOT more frequently than annually?

What is it that MT Sections do (or indeed other operators) that is above and beyond a MOT to keep “legal”?


an MOT is only an indication that it’s roadworthy at the time it’s tested.

MT sections will check the vehicles much more often than once a year. In the MT orders for my local station, you are supposed to check that all the lights work before you take it away and what not. So at a minimum I would guess that.


Lightly loaded vehicles - easy operating conditions Frequency 13 to 6 weeks

Carrying out your own inspections and maintenance

If you carry out your own safety inspections and maintenance, you must keep records that include:
•vehicle details
•a list of all items to be inspected
•when and by whom the inspection is carried out
•the result of the inspection
•details of any work carried out
•a declaration that any defects have been properly fixed

Walkaround checks

You must make sure your drivers carry out a ‘walkaround check’ before driving a vehicle for the first time each day.

This is because HQAC have employed the services of an WO MT for advice and guidance. I can see HQAC having all Sqns register as “Operators” to ensure that all SOV are “safe”. Forge hammer to crack a nut because HQAC got a bit twitchy over Permit 19 exemptions even though SOV are owned by charities they have no control over them. Subs to Wing and Beyond


i understand a “first parade” check - but that is only what the “joe public” can check - fluid levels, tyre pressures and lights…that doesn’t prove brake condition, wheel bearings, suspension items etc.

if it good enough for everyone else to live with a MOT and if need be a “first parade” walk around check - what else can be expected?
Tango_foxtrot indicates “as a minimum” I struggle to see what can be achieved which is more than that yet less than an MOT while being as efficient.

based on the_silverbacks comments if doing that list yourself is it not easier to just get another MOT done? rather than do it yourself once proven you are suitably qualified to make an inspection?

Maintenance is different.
this doesn’t prove it is road worthy or increase its chances it could be argued increases longevity of the vehicles service life not necessarily keep it road worthy (an change of oil and filters change is a typical service job list, but doesn’t prove or change roadworthy condition)


but the 6 to 13 week checks are done by a qualified fitter in a garage. This is normally along the lines of an MOT.

This is for commercial vehicles that will normally be on the road all day like buses. they can use yo their service interval in a month. A coach can easily do a few 1000s miles an a few days.

I can see this making SOVs uneconomical.

Sorry for thread creep


thanks for the expanded answer…

i have to agree if this is forced upon us SOVs will become a money pit.

Question - how do other Permit 19 charity operators cope?


Thank you kindly good sir.


A quick google gave this information:

Maintaining your Minibus

Edited to add: And This:

Maintaining Road worthyness

Skimming the last guide, it does have scope to choose our own safety inspection periods - lets hope the MT WO looks at the issue from a self funded, volunteer run Sqn perspective, rather than an “when I was MTO at RAF somewhere, we did this…” perspective.