LF: CWO rank slides

Currently, I’m looking to track down for an extra set of CWO tapes- all of cadet direct/ebay seem to be sold out, however, I’m wondering if anyone would know where about to find some.

Thank you in advance.

I’m possibly stating the obvious but have you asked your Sqn WO/Discip?

If they don’t have any stashed away then they can probably approach the WWO or Wing HQ. Obviously at the moment there may be a delay.

On that why not just wait until we’re back? Presumably you don’t need them right now?

No but I imagine they want to be correctly dressed on day 1 when we are. Fair enough.

Fair enough but…

implies that they already have a set and are just looking for another…

(Apologies for the pedantry, not trying to be obtuse.)