Level 4 Flight Exam Help

So its coming up, and im wondering what topics are going to be covered on the exam, and what exactly are they?

@anon77441282 - since most of the members here on Air Cadet Central tend to be part of the British RAF Air Cadets, we’re not very familiar with your Royal Canadian Air Cadets training syllabus.

However- I believe that normally you should’ve been issued at your squadron with a Level Four Training Handbook. If not, the following link might help you: http://morris-turnberry.on.ca/training/CadetCD/air/CTPs/ctplvl4.pdf

When you say “Flight Exam” do you mean general Cadet training tests at Level Four proficiency, held within your Flight as part of the squadron?

Or do you mean an aviation / principles of flight exam, at a Level 4 standard?

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The test exam

Do any of these topics look familiar, or am I identifying content that is too advanced?

So with test questions like this:

Where did you get that picture? Feom which pdf guide.

From a resource originated by a WO2 Gupta of 742 (National Capital - Ottowa) Squadron RCAirC

Try looking at the following unofficial Level 4 Flight syllabus test examples:

If it works properly, it should also email your test results back home to you, alongside the correct answers. Which could be a really-useful revision aid.

I found it via 75 Barrhaven RCACS - https://www.75aircadets.ca/announcements/level-3s-and-4s-aviation-exam-review (Note that for some weird web reason, their Level 3 Performance Check Tests link take you to Level 4 PC tests…and (yes…) their Level 4 links actually take you to Level 3 tests)