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Good afternoon everyone,

Can anyone point me in the direction of a letter template/example to be sent to a cadets parents asking if they are still a member or not?

The OC has asked me to type up a letter to be sent to the parents of one our cadets who has not been down since before Christmas and he wants to know if he is still attending, and if not, are they able to return his uniform.


If he hasn’t been down in 2019, which is also 25% gone, then he’s left…

Why bother with a letter it’'s extra admin, discharge on SMS, job done.

Some will bring uniform back, others won’t. Doesn’t really matter given recruits are supposed to be issued new kit anyway… It’s just more stuff to store.

I agree. However, this is my OCs request. I’m just following an order. :wink:

My first mechanism these days (if word of mouth fails) is email.

I used to have a letter I wrote myself if I need to resort to snail mail but it was tuned it for each cadet depending on the particular circumstances.
It contained:

  • the last date we saw them
  • reference to PI501 para 24d that says I can bin someone of I don’t see them for 2 months.
  • asking if they intended to come back
  • actions if they didn’t (actually tell us, return kit, cancel subs etc.)
  • that they’d be welcome back (if they were)
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Surely a phone call would do the trick, the cadet may be very ill or something.


Dear ______________
I am writing to you because we have not seen _________ at any air cadet parade night for at least two months now.
In accordance with our personnel regulations and our cadet code of conduct “a cadet will cease to be a member of the Air Training Corps…if he or she has not attended a parade for 2 months, unless there are extenuating circumstances, e.g. suspension without prejudice”.
If there is no desire to return we would appreciate the return of uniform and any equipment issued on loan, so as to be able to reissue to new cadets. If, however, you/your son/daughter would like to restart parading with us we’d be delighted to have you/them back.
Please would you make contact with us at the earliest opportunity to inform us whether the decision is to return or not, and if not when kit will be returned. I take this opportunity to remind you that subscription payments continue to accrue until someone formally leaves us, as we are charged for the number of cadets we have on our enrolled strength.
Thanks, and I await your response to either the contact details above or my email oc.@aircadets.org as soon as possible, and I’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Yours Sincerely,



Dear {Recipient},

Our squadron records show that {Cadet Name} has not been attending on a regular basis. We appreciate that sometimes there are other home or school commitments that have to take priority however, we do ask that we are notified of any absences either in advance, or via email/facebook.

If {Cadet Name} has decided that the Air Training Corps is no longer suitable, we would ask that they come down on a parade night and speak to the Squadron OC so that they can be discharged. Please note, that should this be the case, they will also need to bring back all of their uniform and other issued items, and bring any outstanding subscription payments up to date.

If there is anything you would like to discuss regarding this matter, please feel free to come and see me on a parade night, or email @aircadets.org.

Yours sincerely,

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Thank you everyone!

I’m not that bothered about blue uniform for this reason, but given that we also issue out a significant amount of other kit (primarily No 3 dress) which doesn’t get automatically replaced, we do want our stuff back!


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