Letter to Employers


I remember seeing an anouncement a while ago a letter from the boss regarding employers and annual leave for CFAVs. Have searched Sharepoint but can’t seem to find the letter anywhere.

Does anyone know where it went?



It is located here in ACO Document Library > Announcements this is where all files linked from announcements are placed


Look at your employer’s T&C and see if additional leave is granted for recognised youth groups / voluntary work and whether it is paid or not. Not sure we can go for the military angle anymore, although that’s how I get it and have done for many years. I just make sure I say I’m using for cadets.

This will let you know in advance how easy / difficult the discussion will be.

TBH the letter is a waste of time. If you’re unsure go and see personnel and ask the question.


Thanks for the help both.

Yes, agreed, its no good by itself, but I’ll see what HR say anyway