Letter to EMPLOYER to support RAF AC activities

I remember a letter a long while back that which the Commandant wrote addressing an employer to support RAF AC activities. I’m trying to find this letter to give my employer and cannot find it anywhere!

Has anyone got a copy or know where or SharePoint it will be?

My employer has said that if I have some sort of authority from RAFAC then they will consider giving me special leave for RAFAC duties.

Help me Obi-Won Kenob you’re my only hope!

are you referring to this letter?

20120125-Comdt letter to employers

I thought it was re-issued recently. (But I can’t find any evidence!)

Boom! Thank You!

Updated Note to CFAVs from CRAFAC

Updated Letter to Employer from CRAFAC

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Even better! Thanks you#

Whats “CRAFAC” all about?

Clue - “C” stands for Commandant… :wink:

Or clueless