Leaving Gift


Morning All.

I’m looking for gift ideas for our OiC who has decided to hang up her hat. She has been with the corps since 1996.


I have seen a couple of people get an RAF Miniature sword. They look really smart and you can get it engraved.

FYI the above link is just an example, im not sure where people have got them from before.


I have had an engraved glass tankard before and also a port decanter if that helps?


Squadron wall shield? One company I have used a few times is C. H. Munday Ltd.


Glass Candle lantern engraved with Squadron badge. Looks very smart and something you can have out and lit without being too bold.


Slight topic drift, We have a cadet who will be leaving us soon due to quite ill health.

The squadron is going to buy them something as a memento for there time and we are struggling to think of anything baring in mind the cadet is under 18 we are a little stumped.

Anyone have any ideas?


Maybe a paperweight engraved


Mess kit clutter boxes from these guys are quite good www.prontoimages.com the badge & personalisation was excellent quality.


I always ask people who know them “what do you think they would like?” so that they get something they would like, within the budget.

We had a bloke leave the firm and his wife said he wanted a cold frame as his old one had succumbed in a storm. So that’s what he got, with a little plaque saying it was from us, he was really pleased.

We bought one my old OCs a framed print of a Lanc, his dad served as a rear gunner at the end of the war and it was his favourite aircraft as a boy and through his life.

Other than that we’ve bought “red letter days”, bottles of aged whiskey and several times vouchers to be used in a specific place.

TBH a plaque and or engraved other things tend to find their way into boxes in the loft or shed.