Leading/Senior/MAC materials?


Good evening everyone,

Can somebody point me in the direction of some decent learning materials such as powerpoints and the like for the Senior/Master syllabus? Leading wouldn’t go a miss either. Our current materials are IMHO not fit for purpose and I can’t seem to find anything appropriate on BADER.

First class isn’t a problem as I re-created a lot of that myself and it does the job, however it’s leading and above that I have issues with in regards to what my Sqn currently has.



The official content is on UltiLearn.

The Military Aircraft Systems has been updated by a volunteer and is very good… the rest doesn’t reach those standards.


Ultilearn is something I seem to be really struggling to get to grips in using! :tired_face:



Hopefully Air Power coming at some point this year too.

  1. Log into UltiLearn
  2. Select Courses > My Courses (top right)


3.Select Bulk Register in order to register for all courses to gain the material


  1. Scroll to the bottom, if previously registered for courses, untick “Show Registered” and select “Show All”


  1. Scroll though the courses to the ones you want, tick the box for each course required.

  1. Select Register in the top right, this will return you to “My Courses”


  1. To view the course content select the Start or View icon for the course, you’ll be able to download all of the content.


Thank you! @themajor


I’ve just locally delivered an amended version of Air Power, tidying it up in the next few weeks to share - sadly of course it has to align with the current exam questions but the majority of our cadets passed okay.

Do you know who/where are used package is being developed? I will happily send my version to the team/individual doing the revision


That would be me, although it’s slightly complicated by trying to liaise with QAIC and JL to see if there’s any commonality that can be achieved.

I’d certainly be interested to see what you’ve got - training.2293 please!


Does anyone have presentations for Basic Navigation? The links on Ultifail all seem to be broken!


Matt, I have uploaded my Air power stuff to 2397 Sqn: can you access it? It’s too much to send through via email to your account. If you cannot, I will try to distribute another way.




I can’t, but can you upload it to the training officers’ area? We should both have access to that (ps, just twigged who you are!)



I tried but couldn’t find it (the Training Officers site). I’ve asked DJ if we can get them uploaded here in ACC