Leading exams

After starting my leading exams yesterday I found after getting the majority score 100% for all questions but one, (which I failed) i still get not satisfied.
I’d appreciate any anwsers, ideas and imput.

Did you actually pass (ie, get at least 1 correct answer in ) all of the separate learning objectives?

yes, i did. here:

There’s your answer - you need to get at least 50% in every section, so the 0% in a section of each exam is why you haven’t passed.

ahh, i see what you mean now…
i guess I did not.

thanks very much. one last thing. can i just reattempt that one objective or do i have to reattempt the whole thing again once the timer is up?

I believe you need only re-sit the LOs you failed, but I’ve never actually confirmed that.

Yeah, you resit the LO that you fail, so If you only fail 1 section, you only have to resit 1 section.

Thank you very much,Everyone!


I think fail one bit do it all again, but that doesn’t fit with the pink tutu vision that no one fails. If you resit a GCSE or A Level or retake a driving test, you don’t just do the bit you messed up.

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I managed to pass leading in one day. It’s an “open book exam”.

That’s not the idea of it though…you wouldn’t of consolidated the learning.

Leading should take place over a 12 month window

I learnt mine on my own over about 4 months

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The key to learning anything is consolidation, don’t do that and you have learned nothing, just answered questions…
In later life you will do courses at work and you need to use what you learn on them or Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Manager won’t be a happy chap/chapess.

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If a cadet at My Sqn came up to me saying I’ve passed all their leading exams on their own back over 4 months I wouldn’t award them the badge I’d ensure they sat every lesson first to ensure they’ve actually learnt everything they need to

I don’t really do anything other than cadets and I am teaching leading now. We’ll see if I know what I’m doing if the cadets I’m teaching pass or not.

Depends on the cadet. Last year I had one with DofE (so clearly knew nav), solo on gliders and ready for PPL other than age. Also started studying A level Physics early.They did leading in a day and all 6 of the senior/MAC within the week. I had no issues letting them as they clearly knew it all anyway. (Plus CCF tend to leave Senior/MAC to self study as being one day a week for fewer weeks than ATC we just don’t have the time)

Do you truly believe that sitting through lessons makes cadets learn the syllabus?


I’d say it works differently for different people