Leading cadet world record

I just wanted to ask what is the quickest anyones completed leading cadet classification


How long is a piece of string :roll_eyes:

There is the official route, sticking to the guidelines, or where a squadron just gives a cadet access to the exams. Could be done within days of joining if squadron is that way inclined :man_shrugging:t2:

Since electronic exams - a day. I suspect there are a couple of late starters who needed to accelerate through. Did hear of one squadron that had their cadets go from first class to leading a weekend but that was a one off.

Depends where you are measuring your start & end point from.


We had a late starter (6th form) who had private flying experience and had been an NCO with the ACF. We put them through first class to master in a weekend. But they was because they already knew 90% of what they needed.
In normal circumstances don’t rush it. If you need it for a course then self study leading in a weekend is doable


Well, i did some more researching and the fastest i could find is 1 weekend but because weekend activities are all day, i equaled it out to 4 parade nights and i finished leading cadet in 2 parade nights

There are people who just take the exams and google the answers: so any ‘record’ is probably a matter of minutes.

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