Leading Cadet Navigation

Is there a separate syllabus for Leading Cadet Navigation anywhere? All I can find is ACP 32 which is the same material that is available for the First Class syllabus as far as I know …

It’s on Ultilearn

ACP32 Volume 1 was the old First Class Manual titles “Map Reading” and ACP32 Volume 2 “Basic Navigation” was for Leading.

For First Class you now just teach what’s in the logbook and for Leading their are presentations on Ultilearn. They aren’t very good and they are out of step with what the Cadets need to know at that level. (There are probably 1 and a half chapters of the old old Basic Navigation Manila which are relevant to Cadets at that Level)

I have moved to a system of teaching the stuff for the Leading exam and making it very clear to the Cadets that we are learning to pass an exam.

I then teach the Bronze NNAS syllabus as a practical course when I actually want them to learn how to navigate.

Yes, I’ve heard about those. I’m hoping to avoid using them ideally. Every single presentation that I sat through as a Cadet was just a low quality snooze.

I’ve redone them and cut out loads of rubbish, but you still have to teach utter rubbish that is either not relevant or out of date so that they can pass the exam. (Why do they need to know what the symbol is for True North? Why do they need to know how to find North using watch?)

Yes, I guess I will have to teach it.

Your method sounds pretty functional, I’ll try that

It’s not ideal but you just have to accept that the exam is something they have to pass.

If you want to deliver NNAS (National Navigation Award Scheme) you need to have an NGB Qualification and have attended a 1 day NNAS Tutors Course. (If you want any extra details feel free to PM me).

The book with the NNAS content is this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Outdoor-Navigation-Handbook-Pat-Mee/dp/1851370021

They also do a “how to teach” book which has some techniques that I find pretty good. I’ve persuaded my Squadron to buy them both as reference materials.

I will certainly look into that, thank you

So what’s the point in teaching it if you know they won’t retain it and/or it won’t be useful? I know I wouldn’t listen knowing I could use materials in the exam.

That’s what’s wrong with the current syllabus not only is it open book, but it’s also wildly out of date. Unfortunately HQAC don’t ask volunteers what we actually need in the Navigation syllabus. (They don’t appear to have asked the SME’s they employ at windermere either!)

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The exams are open book?


Well it’s not my place to question these things I guess. Maybe I’ll just give them print outs for the exams and spend the lessons teaching practical stuff when I rejoin my Squadron.

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We could get some extraordinarily rambling questions if we did!

Generally they will google the answers or read through the PDF version of the old ACP. No physical media required. Remember, the exams are electronic so they will be on some sort of computer anyway.

Is there any point in even teaching it then? Could I just spend the lessons teaching how to pack a Bergen, what food to eat, how to put a tent up etc?

There’s literally no point in teaching any of the classification stuff beyond (some of) first class. No one will listen because of several reasons (open book exam, not wanting to sit through “classes”, instructors who don’t know the topic etc) then just google the answer to the exams. Having a classification badge proves nothing but the ability to convince your staff you’re able to sit an exam and that you’ve bothered to google some answers.

Maybe I’ll sack it off and just teach practical stuff then

It’s one of those things that “needs” to be taught. I would I just suggest teaching what you have to and not over doing it.

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Does it actually say anywhere that it needs to be taught? Genuinely curious

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