Leading Cadet Expectations

I’m just going into my 7th Month of being a cadet. I’ve been a First Class Cadet for 1 month. I was wondering when to expect getting Leading Cadet since I understand that Leading Cadet is a significant step forward towards becoming a Corporal. I’m hoping to be a Leading Cadet around Mid-Late August. Are my expectations too high?

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Leading Cadet is achieved through the completion of the 3 Leading Cadet theoretical subject’s and associated exam.

  • Airmanship
  • Principles of Flight
  • Basic Navigation

Most squadrons tend to run classes during the winter months (when the days are shorter/colder and its easier to do training indoors).

Dont rush to complete your exams - try to understand the subject, not just pass the test.

In another thread recently a forum member reminded you to slow down and enjoy the cadet experience, dont rush to being an NCO.


In the ideal world you should be looking at completing 1 level of Classification per year, so if you’ve only just passed first class don’t expect to even begin your Leading lessons before September/October.

Most Squadrons only run lessons in the winter anyway, as the program is limited by darkness and the weather.

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@ineedcorporal for reference this is the thread that @Victor_Zulu mentions.

click here > Applying for Cpl

Someone in a similar situation to yourself in terms of length of service looking for the next step…

It’s the same person asking for advice in both threads


oh i hadn’t made that connection!

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My squadron has already gone through 2 Leading PowerPoints