Leadership mentee

One of my cadets has come to me directly as a Sgt outside of cadets and asked me to help him with developing his leadership skills. The OC has sent the cadet on leadership courses and it doesn’t look like they will be able to do anymore soon. Whole section leadership training isn’t scheduled anytime soon.

Anyway as such I’ve agreed to help but I was wondering if there is any lesson plans or syllabus out here on the Internet to help structure their mentoring sessions? Also am I allowed to help him?
Nobody else has asked so I’m not favouritising in anyway…They are the only one who’s taken the initiative so far so at least that’s looking good!

Why not have a word with your OC or Trg Off and look to run a small leadership course for your Sqn? You can pull together leaderless, command and planexes (plenty of people on here who can help), maybe a few slides on different ranks and responsibilities in the RAF and other forces and a few on leadership styles. That way you’re helping more Cdts, no favouritism / Safeguarding questions and you could use it to develop NCOs or help select new ones. Get a couple of Sqn staff to run it, do it on a Saturday and staff go for a beer/meal after. Job done.

We aren’t ATC we are CCF and we are only timetabled for 1 hour and a half each week. Our CO is head of IT so is very busy and doesn’t have much time for extra cadet sessions and we only have one extra member of staff. We can’t organise Saturday sessions either because they hire the school out. We’ve been trying to organise an easter camp but he’ll needs to petition for funding for it. I’ll mention it anyway. Thanks.

Could you engage with a local ATC squadron and work together?

I was going to say the same thing. Find an ATC unit and team up - sure they would welcome someone taking the initiative.
I know we’d respond positively to such an approach.