Laying the Wreath

I have been given the honour of laying the wreath on Sunday, However, I was only given a brief instructions. Does anyone know the timings?

The timings of actual drill movements are as normal; for the placing of the wreath, I don’t think that there are timings.

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Go by your own time. The important thing is to do it smartly and not fall over.

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You’ll generally be following an Army cadet, so I’d basically just copy what they did.

Our area doesnt have a Army unit, they moved out 7 years ago

I wouldn’t.

Our local det has gone up in a trio for years and never got it right yet and always looks shambolic. Added to this they invariably march back with fit of the giggles which is irritating to say the least.

As for laying depends on you memorial layout I’m sure your squadron staff or a cadet who has done it before should be giving you guidance.

If they can’t or won’t, in general the process is …
march up
halt (where you see others stopping)
step forward
lay wreath or hand it to someone to lay if that’s how it’s done
step backwards
turn and march back to your spot.

Like so many non review type parades there is nothing written down and any way we are merely participants in remembrance parades and should just go with the flow of what the organisers do/want.

We have organisation wreaths stood to one side and everyone stays there throughout the service, saves a lot of faff with people appearing from the crowd when they are called.

I’ve always done both. Depends on the organisers

I’ve always done both, but some only do it post laying. My old WO when I was a cadet said it was the same as collecting pay and awards.

Watching the national act of remembrance at the Cenotaph (on catch up), everybody only saluted afterwards.

My unit only salutes afterwards.

I hope you didn’t mean to imply that all ACF units lay wreaths poorly based on your experience of one unit.

Not at all.