Latest Version of CTSP

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Could someone point me in the right direction of the most recent CTSP? Is it now part of the CT-R?


CTSP isn’t part of CTR as far as I’m aware.

It should be on sharepoint.

The only copy I can find is the 2018 version - I didn’t know if there was an updated copy as this seems too long for a document to go un-updated

The latest version I can find is 2018 :man_shrugging:

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The latest version of CTSP is actually from last year (August 2023). It has been renamed to “Immediate Actions Aide-Memoire for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers”. It is, however, still AC 72008.

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Bit of digging aided by that info and we addressed this in IBN 004/24.

It links to the doc in Cadet Forces Resource Centre via Defence Gateway… But when I tried it “couldn’t authenticate my account”.

I found an IBN 004-2024 that mentions the change from CTSP to whatever the new name is and the withdrawal of the red book test.

I also received an email in December 2023 saying CTSP was now obsolete and should be destroyed.

Yes, should have been 24 not 04

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