Latest RAFAC Promotional Video

I’ve just seen the latest video that’s been put out from HQAC… it’s short but appears to be a much better produced video than previous attempts.


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I’m speechless.

That’s actually not awful. In fact it’s almost… good.


Have t seen it yet but we have got a cfav who owns/runs their own media agency so I suspect this video is another product from them.

Hmmm just from the still, flying … really?
A bit misleading and disingenuous IMO. It seems to be a lie people are happy to perpetuate. Maybe they don’t come under 5 AAEF.

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my bug bare with this [inc flying] is it is included in what is clearly a promotional video to recruit Staff - it is a mixed message that CFAVs going flying, even more so that they pilot the Tutor.

unlike Teflon, i know flying occurs, never as often as we want, but it does so far to include it…just odd that all the stills (save the group at the beginning with the teddy bear) have staff leading the activity shown, yet this is a photo which is a little misleading.

ignoring that, i like it a lot.
short, punchy, good music, good breadth of activities shown, good age range with suitable minority/diversity shown

Do we not have adult volunteers at VGS and AEFs?

Teflon’s super special little world =/= the whole country’s experience.

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Meh, it is OK.
Shame it is basically just a slideshow - this organisation needs to up its media game!

But this is a big step up in our media game.

Steps are often part of a staircase…

We do; but AEF volunteers are 99.9% ex-regular QSPs; you can’t rock up to an AEF and train as a pilot. The remaining 0.01% are ex-Vigilant pilots or have an ATPL first. That said, the more I learn about AEF, the more I realise it is proper volunteering, and we rely heavily on goodwill there too.


Can I have the link as clicking on the video doesn’t launch it…?
(hoping this doesn’t try to do something fancy with the link like the original did)

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as true as this may be, this volunteering is a seperate “organisation” to that of the RAFAC CFAV volunteers.
Sprung from a different initial mould, following different policy, procedures, expectations and CoC.
it is misleading to believe CFAVs train to fly Cadets (in Tutors) and perhaps could have focused more on the VGS element…
(i do however accept that only those in the know will recognise the photo in question as an AEF rather than VGS flight).

As opposed to what?

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Thank you!