Latest Batch of Brassards - Too Small?

Has anyone else noticed that the latest batch of brassards are a lot narrower than all previous brassards?

It came to light when a new cadet couldn’t sew on the ‘Air Training Corp’ badge in the proper place because it overhung the sides of the brassard. Upon further investigation, the new brassards are 1cm narrower.
What should they do? Trim the badge so that it fits in the correct place or postion it 2 inches lower than it should be?

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Yup, noticed it for the past few recruitment intakes . . . should measure an onlyer one vs newer one at some point.

They’ve been a bit hit and miss for a while now - some are ok, some not. In theory you should return any that are substandard, so HQ can address it. In reality I doubt anything will happen.

This is the way, also email photos to your WWO and RWO to complain. The brassard thing is already well known, and we’ve been told by our WWO to send it all back if it’s wrong.

Problem is…we only got about 3/4 of the brassards we asked for anyway, because of shortages. If we send them back, we’re not likely to get replacements!

If they’re are like the image below though, they are pretty useless as badges won’t fit!


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Wow… that’s terrible!

Is that your Sqns?

The new cadets at my squdron have the exact same issue. So clearly a national problem.

No. (I’m not that silly to post my own unit number :stuck_out_tongue:). That’s the photo shared by my WWO from another squadron in LaSER.

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@wdimagineer2b or @AlexCorbin do you know if there is any action being taken on this? Or just a wait out game?

To the best of my knowledge, the issue has been reported and followed up with the supplier.
But it’s important that units report the problem. a. it provides evidence as to the scale of the problem; and b. it helps to identify which batch(s) were affected.


its happened before, get your reports in…

Ours don’t look that bad, but yep our latest batch are definitely too small

Who are we reporting this to?

Similar issue

WHQ or WWO or Stores or all three depending on what it is!

I’d send to Wexo as its almost an admin issue with WWO CCd


This… More noise helps

Surely you would think that HQAC has someone assigned to stores and uniforms… dealing with this sort of thing.

If the item doesnt meet spec, why is it even in the supply chain.
Does the MOD not have QA or something?

It is an item with a NSN for goodness sake!



They do - Sgt Mick Clarke (he replaced Sam Badger) and he is dealing with it.

Because sometimes suppliers make errors and items not to spec slip through. Or suppliers aren’t given the correct spec and unsuitable items are supplied.

Nobody in the MOD is paid to open 10,000 individual brassard packets to measure them before sealing them back up again.
Part of the MOD QA process is reporting defective items so that the MOD can follow up with the supplier…