Latest Activity Stop - Road Marching Issues

The lastest series of posts from VRT_Memes detailing a potential stop of Civie RM teams at Niji.



Nothing other than insurance issues and having to ensure that parents fully understand that it’s a non RAFAC activity.

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Do the army cadets send teams?

My WRMO has a meeting tomorrow, so i guess we’ll know more then

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If it’s true I struggle to see the rationale. Can someone who is more involved in RM explain the potential extra risks for civilian teams?

That’s the same for non RAFAC flying.

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I’ve not been out for 20 years, I remember BMC teams from the Army Cadets, don’t remember seeing a Civvy team from them.

As I understand it…
Different clothing and footwear?

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If true, I’m going to decide that only the military can support the RAF and their blue footprint now.


He’s not putting the Kibosh on Cadet Teams, just on the huge number of cadet teams that go outside of the BMC.

But isn’t it true that the BMC is limited in number, so this does, in effect, prevent a huge number from going?

Or is my understanding off…? Happy to be corrected.

Pretty much

Has anything official been released yet regarding non BMC Nijmegen teams? I’m at work and haven’t had a chance to look…

A bit of inside track as i was at the meeting but going to keep it brief as i have seen the vrt memes and i think he it them has done great and maybe terminal damage to RM.

Yes a decision was made about no civvi teams but an argument was put forward and a paper is to be written to keep them.

There are legitimate safeguarding issues around all of the accommodation both Heumensoord and civvi in relation to communal showrrs and toilets, adult and child accommodation segregation and the usual climatic injuries stuff. I personally believe that the RAFAC got a kicking over RIAT and there will be fallout. The risk appetite has changed. Not just at HQAC but at MOD also. Been told that HSE are looking very hard at MOD and if there is another serious climatic injuries incident then there will be corporate charges being handed out. This has focused a lot of minds

Didn’t get the vibe that RM was dead but did get the vibe that they didn’t get RM. Commandant RAFAC came over well others in the meeting didn’t.

The is going to be fallout across the corps regarding accommodation, climatic injuries and safeguarding for all residential activities.

Sorry not as brief as i wanted

The context that was needed this morning…


That’s part of the fun of Nijmegen; being traumatised by sweaty overweight German men swinging their nevers near you :joy: The sights were burnt into my mind

On a serious note though, aren’t there under 18s in the actual military. Is there minor/major segregation of showering facilities there?

There is - with following caveats:

Army - Yes.
Under 18s undergo basic at Harrogate. Once they’ve completed that most are over 18.

RAF - Not when I went through. Don’t think much has changed.
However there is a lot of safeguarding. Need to sign out of camp etc. Designated SNCOs to monitor and look after.

Navy - can not speak for them.

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Unfortunately this is something else to add to the list of things they don’t ‘get’ along with anything green related and CFAVs.

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Cough ACPS?