Last LRDG Member

Sad news from LinkedIn this morning:

RIP to Mike Sadler MC MM, who passed away yesterday.

Sadler formed the bond between L Detachment & the Long Range Desert Group. Without his involvement the SAS would have struggled to survive their earliest days of existence.

Post-WW2, he explored Antarctica and then spent the rest of his career working for the Secret Intelligence Service - MI6 as most of us know it.


Only learnt of this fine gentleman through the SAS Rogue Heroes series some time ago, but I couldn’t have more respect for him and his fellow servicemen.
I need to look into more about SAS/LRDG history, if reality bears even a shred of resemblance to the show then it is quite a remarkable history indeed.
It really feels like we’re coming to the end of an era, especially with only one Battle of Britain pilot still with us. Lest we forget.
Rest in peace Mr Sadler.


If I remember rightly, the producers of Rogue Heroes actually had to tone the show down from what happened in reality, else the general audience wouldn’t have believed it.