Larger Uniform


Does anyone know where you can get larger adult uniform sizes ??

Normally by contacting your parent station stores directly I belive? They can then have it tailored. From everything I’ve heard though that isn’t a quick process.

I’ve hear ld 18 to 24 months lead time banded about

I know someone still waiting from 2018.

2 years. Followed by angry ranty emails about why you’ve not picked it up yet coz it’s been on the shelf for 6 months.


Our FS got tailored for a new set of trousers, he left a CWO 2 years later and we still have not received his trousers :thinking:

I have to get special measure uniform, as an Adult Sgt.
My present uniform trousers took 10 months and shirts 15 month (but the MOD did change shirt supplier) to arrive.
Prior to this, I purchased the largest pair of uniform trousers I could find and had them altered, by getting panels (material was taken from a old pair of uniform trousers that were written off by stores) put in (via a v shape behind the front pockets). I then purchased blue pilot shirts.
I got larger size MTP trousers from Cadet Direct, but then found cheaper trousers from another supplier, so look around.
Though I should use a 170 length shirt/smock I use 190 length shirt, as the longer length helps with fit.
You can get 190/200 shirt/smock, but they are very, very rare.

I hope this helps.