Larger no 2 trousers help!

Hi there.

I need some guidance. My son is is 16 and hopes to enlist in a couple years.
I am strugglung to get him new trousers no 2. His current ones are 80/104/116.
His current pair are thin in the inside thigh. He is getting paranoid and embarrassed about it, im happy to buy new but i cannot find any anywhere!
Any help.or suggestions?


If they’re wearing through then his squadron should replace for him.

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I would agree, but i think hes too embarrassed to ask them, especially as he knows ive struggled to buy a replacement pair.

Respectfully, that’s something he’s going to need to find a way to get over. If he really does want to join up, then requesting his own exchanges from stores is something he will need to do.


Yes, i agree.
Thank you

The alternative, depending on the exact location is to get some material from a scrapped pair and see if a tailor can reseat them.
I’ve had to do this myself

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Just rest assured @Jlswift that this isn’t your son’s doing. The quality of issued trousers was significantly reduced around a decade or so ago and we all wear through them now.

Blame the penny pinchers.


This. Mine are as well. I’ve just had to get a replacement pair for the same reason.