Lanyard and No1s

I have got to attack my MOI lanyard to my number 1 jacket, I was just wondering how do people keep them attached I am assuming they put a small stick or pin in.

Any suggestions or answers would be great

Try to get a second one and then white thread and tack it to the jacket.

You obviously don’t want it fully tied to the jacket as it’ll be a nightmare to do and then remove so as long as it’s secure then you’re golden.

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Brill thank you

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Reccomend an aerial assault first, clear out the defenses, then move in with the ground troops…


What Secret Squirel said then…



I used hooks and eyes for mine. Eyes loosely tacked onto the jacket seam and hooks ok the lanyard. Had the added advantage of holding it in place nicely on the jumper as well.

the cadet portal team did a video on lanyards

That’s a useful video, but I don’t know why it needed everything repeated thrice for each lanyard?

Must be so the JLs don’t get confused :smirk:


Maybe, but the only bit which apparently didn’t need repeating was the bit about No1 Jackets, and LLCs aside, JLs are the only ones allowed to wear No1s when they attend their graduation dinner…

I think they actually repeated it because the QAIC lanyard is different so its neater to include JL than leave them out. Though given HQAC changed the supplier for QAIC lanyards, it wouldn’t surprise me if the ones for the last lot are a different design to the video.

Nice video, but 20 minutes? 20 minutes?! You can do a complete Tutor sortie in that time…


Fixed that for you.