Lancaster Plexiglas Spinner

I have recently taken advantage of the Airfix VE Day offers and purchased a Lancaster B.II and Bomber command re-fuelling set.

A few years back I saw a photo of a Lancaster model, but using plexiglas or similar to give the effect of propeller spinning.

Can anyone recommend ways I can go about this? I hope to display this at my unit

Any good hobby shop should have this in stock. Simply measure the radius of the prop and cut out the diameter. Put a small pin hole in it and attach the spinner. Don’t forget to put prop end markers on if they have them.

Also a little tip I was told about showing the bomber heavily loaded with bombs was to file down the bottom of the undercarriage Tyres. This gives the effect of the Tyres being squashed under load.

Some of the newer kits have these as standard. :slight_smile: