L98 and air rifle badges

I already have the blue marksman badge for air rifle, I’ve just got the trained shot silver badge for L98 today. Which badge do I wear under the new badge system?

Silver - it is a higher level than blue (new bronze - edit)- doesn’t matter what rifle now, it goes as per other progressive trg, bronze (EDIT), silver, then gold.

Should the answer not be Bronze, on the basis that replaces Marksman?

In which case I’d leave the Blue Marksman badge on?

(Since “Silver Trained Shot” is now actually Blue?)

I get it now. The term “silver trained shot” threw me. There is no silver trained shot any more, is there? “Trained shot” is blue, regardless of weapon system?

Why there’s badges for anything less than marksmanship I cannot fathom. The old ATC Marksman / RAF Marksman distinction made so much more sense than someone getting the top badge on a toy air rifle.

Back in your cage with your comment about “toy air rifle” - try CLF7 on a single shot AR & think again.

The CLF standards set are comparably difficult. One shot out of your group or zero exercise = fail. Same across all rifle systems.


Well said!

After all the air rifle is still a perfectly lethal weapons system, as long as you first hammer some long nails through the stock and use it as a club.


When used properly, it’s a great introduction to shooting, and leads well into other levels of weapons and marksmanship.


Of course.

Ita a great tool for cadets.

CLF7 will be difficult precisely because a single shot AR is a child’s toy and not a service weapon. Thanks for making my point for me.

Clearly, you don’t have a clue about shooting. CLF7 is designed for use in either single or multi-shot ARs. Obviously it is easier using a multi-shot AR - unless you get a stoppage caused by the magazine……

Neither the L144 or L81 are service weapons.

The L98 is not technically a “service
weapon” either - it’s the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle.

There’s a bit of a difference between not knowing the specifics of the cadet air rifle syllabus and knowing “nothing about shooting”. I know plenty about “shooting”, having previously been a RCO in the ACF, an infantryman, and teaching SAA and coaching as an infantry JNCO. Even now, I’m in date for IRT Mod. 1 and so are deemed to know enough about it as is needed for my current level of readiness.

So, ignoring the service wpn status, you don’t know enough(?) to comment about the AR syllabus, but jumped in about the “toy rifle.”

Let’s keep it that way then.

I know enough to state that it’s a child toy rather than a service weapon: which requires zero knowledge of the syllabus and which the existence of a syllabus I have zero knowledge of doesn’t change.

Your comment was about the syllabus though? How you can judge why CLF 7 is “difficult” on any type of weapon compared to another, regardless of how well you know the weapon, if you don’t know the CLF?

If you read again, @MikeJenvey had already provided the information that CLF7 was difficult on a single shot AR and I said this “will be” because it’s a child’s toy and not a weapon system.

I don’t need to read again. You can’t fully know why CLF 7 is difficult because you don’t know what CLF 7 is.

You’re making an assumption and while doing so showing a large amount of disdain for our easiest route to getting the largest number of cadets interested in shooting, and understanding and utilising the principles of marksmanship and the discipline it requires.