L144A1 and snap caps

The pamphlet says emphatically there are no drill rounds and Training should be conducted dry.

Why not snap caps, as we used with the No 8.?

probably because we were instructed (at least in my region) not to use snap caps in No8s either…

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Because the pamphlet says so…

And for no other reason. Interesting.

Someone also mentioned they corrode easily?

On the NRA / NSRA shooting front, snap caps (& / or .22" dummy plastic rounds) are used extensively to avoid (when dry firing) the firing pin impacting on thin air = not good for the spring mechanism.

However, as the cadet system also insists that NFPs for the L144 has to have the action fired off so that the firing pin impacts the side of the breech area, well, it is clear to see that basic understanding of the mechanism & potential danger (broken firing pins, sharpened edges on firing pins that might cause cartridge fallure) is not there.

Red (plastic, dummy rounds for .22") cannot infringe safety.

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Mike Jenvey is 100% correct.

Rimfire systems are best utilised with snapcaps.

It happens every now & then. :sunglasses: Also an NRA Regional Instructor…

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I may have down 'abit" of shooting and instructing myself

You could always propose an amendment to the pam. If you have real world quals that show you know what you are talking about it might be taken seriously. Maybe.

Don’t get me started :slight_smile:

you will comply with “the Process” no matter what you background, experience, expertise

Guess what. Numerous inputs. No changes. Numerous suggestions about validity / commonality of NSPs for single shot rifles. No changes.

Significant inconsistencies - for example, L81 - don’t use safety catch, but must use breech flag… No breech flags for other rifles but must use safety catch.

SASC need to change their point of view - single shot rifles used by cadets are NOT weapons of war, & all appropriate safety procedures used by NRA / NSRA should be permitted.


  1. NSP for UNLOAD / EASE SPRINGS will weaken firing pin leading to eventual failure. Unsafe.
  2. May well cause sharper edges on firing pin leading to 'penetration" of edge of .22 case rather than just pinching = cartridge failure / significant breach issue. Unsafe.
  3. Carrying (in some weather conditions) L144 with bolt CLOSED - to me, unsafe.

SASC have used the drills they have as it promotes progression of training between the air rifle and L98.

The ACO lobbied for them to change the drills to target rifle drills to better suit the rifle, they refused.