Kings crown stable belt

One of the other NCOs at my squadron has managed to pick up a kings crown stable belt however I cannot seem to find one. Has anybody else managed to grab one?

Have you asked them where they got theirs from and which kidney they sold for the purchase

I’ve got this one and it has the kings crown, no one has complained about it (yet).

Why would anyone complain about it having a Tudor (King’s) crown? That’s the current pattern.

No I meant about the quality of the belt :joy:

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sorry, but that illustration looks like a so-called ‘Queens crown’ to me !!

The illustration is incorrect - I got one with the Tudor crown

To be fair…i probably wouldnt look close enough to care.

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Well, on the basis that the shooting declaration still says “Queen’s & Cadet Regulations…” - do I care? :wink:

They’ve been King’s Regulations for some time (republished, not just referred to as such), but when did the declaration start mentioning them? (This is where it gets revealed how long it is since I fired anything except DCCT practices.)

Goodness knows, can’t remember.

It’s now a very unwieldy spiel - although the bit about “I will report anyone else who has” probably originated from the aftermath of the court-martial of Sgt Nightingale - the allegations were that “everyone was doing the same.”

Contemporary stories at the time suggested that the subsequent amnesty tin for live rounds had to be a rather large skip……

A cadet FS on my Sqn has bought themselves some tudor crown tapes… very eager!

I’d demote them to Sgt just for poos and giggles

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Someone needs a new hobby

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A mate tells a story of coming back from Iraq and the Squadron being given one last chance at an amnesty before they all got searched, apparently they needed a skip for items which included a 66mm LAW and a gold plated AK-47.

My version was 2 skips & a couple of RPGs, but same principle! Think it came as a bit of a shock to them all…

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Then there’s the story of the T-54 or T-55 (or maybe a Type 69 but we digress) that had gold bars stashed in its hull.

I always recited it verbatim, then translate it into English for them:

It’s against the law to have ammunition, even empty cases. It’s also against the law to throw ammunition in the normal bin, even empty cases. Check you don’t have any, even accidentally, and if you do, give it to me now. If you know someone else has taken some, you MUST tell me.

Then afterwards

If you find after you leave that you have accidentally taken something, you must hand it in to me or another member of CCF staff. Don’t just throw it in the bin.

This seems to work. The bit about ‘must tell me if someone else has taken some’ has saved us once from a serious incident with a live round…

That’s not strictly true though, as it isn’t illegal to have empty cases or inert ammunition, they just aren’t supposed to take freebies home.

It is when they belong to the Crown, that would be stealing.