King’s Birthday Flypast

Route and planned timings:

Oh well I jinxed that didn’t I

Was a shocking flypast really …just goes to show how much the service has been cut.
…go back just a few years and see them…and then go back another 20 or so for a prpoer flypast.

Very surprised they didnt ‘borrow’ some FAA \ AAC to bolster the numbers a bit!

…made me chuckle that three aircraft was considered a wave…

We have over a hundred Typhoons, a couple of dozen Lightnings, a dozen Poseidons, etc. Not sure why having all of them fly past instead of just representatives for each type would be better?

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How many of those aircraft are operationally committed to things like QRA, Shader, the Falklands and many other things and probably most importantly all personnel need time off with families wherever possible given the level of commitments in the uk and around the world.

Considering something like the VE parade it Moscow etc, its just a huge show of force presence

Wasn’t the VE Day parade this year limited or one T-34 which the Russians bought second hand from somewhere, and turned out to be a
post war model made in, err, Ukraine?

Personally I don’t view those parades, or similar in China and North Korea, with envy: especially when contrasted with Russian performance in Ukraine.

I’d rather have a CASD, QRA that works, a CSG that can project power into the SCS, deployed aircraft doing their jobs in Cyprus, Estonia, Romania, etc, British kit performing well in Ukraine, etc, etc.

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“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak”.

Show of force parades (for the sake of it) in the modern era are a tool of the despotic and desperate autocracies, which I think are aimed just as much toward their own people as they are at foreign states.

I would accept a whole force victory parade from Ukraine should that opportunity arise though.

For the rest of us, individual or smaller representation of the broader force and capabilities is enough.


Are you a student of the great Chinese warrior philosopher Sun Tzu?

“If you don’t know your enemy or yourself, you will lose all your battles, if you don’t know your enemy but know yourself, you will lose half your battles, if you know your enemy and yourself you will win all your battles” Sun Tzu.

Not just a philosophy for war but business as well.


Where do you nake up your number’s, for starters only have 9 posiedons

Okay, I thought we had a full Sqn but apparently we stopped at 9. That’s still 8 more than appeared in the flypast.

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