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Hi does anyone have a copy of the up to date key staff. Preferably for West Mercian wing, Wales and west region and the key staff at corps. I’m not sure how up to date the websites are for these.

Thanks in advance.

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This information is held on sharepoint. May I ask the reason? This information isnt not usually public domain.
Unless you literally just mean, who is your Wing Commander?

If you are a cadet ask your Sqn staff.
If you are staff ask your Sqn OC.
If you are a parent, ask you cadets Sqn OC.

If you are a civvie. Please contact your local Wing HQ and enquire there.

Ok thank you I was just interested because i have a cpl interview soon and wanted to get my ATC knowledge as good as it can be.

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Ok. Best course of action.
Speak to your Sqns current NCOs.
Or ask your Sqn adult staff for the info.

Best of luck with the interview.


Ok will do,
Thank you for your help

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