Kahoot used to consolidate cadet knowledge

Evening Ladies & Gents,

It’s been about 8yrs, but for some mad reason I’m getting back involved with the ACO.

Have any of you, heard of/used Kahoot during your classification training with cadets? (It’s Free!!!)

Those of you unfamiliar with the concept, you are able to have all your cadets log in to a quiz which you have created (unique session code) and they answer (on their smartphones) the questions on your quiz. They receive a score and are ranked against their classmates.

It’s a lot more interactive than just answering the questions on those powerpoints which we all love. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Looking forward to your opinions

Never used it at cadets (probably should to be honest) but use it all the time at work for team building pretty good website

Yep. Use it very often on the squadron. The cadets love it and it’s more engaging than a normal quiz.

Heard someone mention it at the Wing Conference but never heard of it before.

Phew! well considering i’ve not been straight away shot down… I’m slowly working on public quizzes for classification training.

So I’d appreciate any feedback on the first one I’ve put together.

First Class - Lighter-than-Air

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If you can share them all in one hit when you are done. That would be amazing!

One of the Admins might even add them as links to the resource section.

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Yeah, use it a lot. One of our CI’s is trying to develop its use further, as it is a really good tool. Whether the powers to be will buy in is anyones guess though.

Hi. I use it all the time in both work and cadets, the joys of being an educator. Every learner and cadet I use it with thinks it’s fantastic. It builds engagement and adds gamification to any topic. Using it as a check for learning in basic topics also adds a formative and summative assessment element.

Yep, used Kahoot on the Squadron.
On a rescent region event they were even using menti.com as thoughts collection tool.

I don’t use it myself but my cadet NCOs do when teaching - and it works well. I watched an excellent aircraft recce lesson, for example, for which it was ideal.

Only problem was silly cadets picking silly names (there were at least three who picked mine, for example…)


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Another very good app to use is pickers

As long as they are not too bad the names thing isn’t an issue. Unless it is a proper knowledge check. It allows the cadets to have a bit of as laugh and it’s usually easy to tell who uses what name. We just advise that names need to be suitable for the environment and age group.

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It should be worth mentioning the facilitator can enable a ‘safemode’ regarding the usernames.

True, and if you click their name you can take them back to the name input too. Activating the Name Picker also limits them to saved names whilst being a bit random ‘Giraffe Rainbow’ for instance. It depends on whether you can trust them I guess.

Good punishment i’d say :rofl:

My name’s not offensive! (well, not that offensive…)

Now, if I were Maj Dick Head…

Again, if anyone is interested

1st Class - Heavier-than-Air Aircraft

Any feedback is appreciated

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Next Up - Airmanship 1 - Airfields

A couple more…

First Class Cadet - The Air Training Corps - Organisation & Ranks
(bear in mind this one has a couple of Wing/Region Specific Questions that may have to be skipped)

First Class Cadets - The Air Training Corps - History

As always let me know if you appreciate these (and more importantly) if i’ve made any spelling mistakes or other glaring errors.

Stay Safe!