Junior Leaders

This has just been advertised for season 2019/20.
I notice many new requirements for cadets to reach before they can apply. Also a hint that there is a much different course to previous years.
Does anyone in the know feel able to expand on that?

Not much is new…

Rank raised to Sgt
Senior Cadet added in
Wing Leadership instead of "Basic Leadership@
WHT on L98 (which was always a requirement before starting)

Loads has changed.

5 weekends down from 9, Selection is now done on paper by Region it seems?

I’ll speak to my former colleagues and see what the score is.

They were told to wind in the costs…


Will they be doing away with the lanyard then if it’s not the intense course that some of us did on the past?

Nope they will keep the lanyard. its Junior Leaders in the Air cadets not P Coy Test Week.

The people who complete it will still come back with heads bigger than doors and swaggers like they are “The Man”


Oh right, that much was not apparent from the brief info I’ve seen.

Sounds like it’s been ruined then…

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I doubt it, that would be like removing commissions from anyone who didn’t go to OASC because their process only involved a Wing and Region interview.

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QJLs will be able to assist and train as instructors on wings and sqns training FC and leadership up to silver standard.

Cost of JLs was horrific, it cost the corps a grand per cadet from my wing to get to JIs for the 8 training weekends and test weeks. HQAC asked to make it cheaper.

All I know is it’s been advertised via FB no official Comms received… Hope my cadets don’t ask as that would be embarrassing

I would say thats your wing/region FCO that is holding the info back, it popped into my inbox a few days ago from wing.

Yep. I had it from wing, that’s how I knew about the changes.

This is probably the compromise that many foresaw. Unlike QAIC, JL never had the logistics or staff to run a North and South course. (The issued kit is held at Cranwell/Scampton so running a South course would be a huge drain on staff costs.)

But it’s a leadership course…


How do you know a Cadets done JL … They’ll tell yuh! :smiley:


The changes have come in as a result of the Command Board review in to JL and especially the costs associated. Much of that cost was expensive open ended rail fares, uniform issue, blank ammo and rations.

JL have had to adapt to the existing climate within the organisation and is still an expensive thing to run for the organisation. They’ve therefore reduced weekends and pushed some things outwards to Regions in order to reduce their perceived costs.

It’s also becoming a more modular course, if a Cadet completes the first X amount of weekends they still get something out of it where as before it was all or nothing.

Speaking as someone who has heard a lot about the various ins and outs of the review it’s sensible moves in the current climate to preserve the course.


More likely to be a WeXO not getting it out there


Recently found out from a reliable source the cost per cadet for JL (unfortunately can’t remember the figure). It was astronomical so I’m all for it being scaled back if that money can be more fairly spent elsewhere.

I don’t know the number for QAIC but if it cost anywhere near the same amount I’d be all for scaling that back too.

I suspect though that the money won’t be spent elsewhere - it’s just being cut.

I actually agree and think that spending so much for such a small number of cadets was always a stupid plan. I’m also pleased to see the course take its share of the cuts the rest of us are being asked to make and that it isn’t exempt as the favoured child of a few full time staff who oversee it, as has been suggested in the past.

Well done for making it fair for all.

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It was in the region of about £7500 per Cadet I think.

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