Junior Leaders Course Lanyard

Looking at getting a lanyard and was wondering how do I obtain this lanyard? what are the steps and is it just easier to get the instructor cadet lanyard?

Wait for the calling notice for junior leaders, apply for Junior leaders, complete junior leaders, get lanyard.

MOI is the simplest of the three to get.


Also if you complete JL’s you also get a badge for your greens and a gold leadership badge for blues.

I would suggest do some research on Facebook/instagram to see what JL entails, they have their own page. The format has changed over the years, so I wouldn’t be able to comment on its current format.

From your wording it sounds like you may be chasing the lanyards, which is the wrong mindset. Look at the benefits of doing the course as they can be life changing, rather than a bit of material that goes on your arm.


I think this is one you will need to earn!

to be fair, no lanyard is a “giveaway” - all are a recognition of a commitment, skills and experiences learnt.

There is no “shortcut” to getting a lanyard, one might be easier, or quicker to achieve but no less demanding particularly if that topic area isn’t of interest.