Jumpers and open neck

This old chestnut.

I’ve seen a few social media photos of both ATC and CCF officers wearing jumpers with open neck shirts.

My OC is convinced you have to put a tie on with a jumper and that this “isn’t allowed”… And I remember this being the case when we have discussed previously here.

I can’t see it in “the good book” and I know that we have discussed staff wearing GPJs inside to keep warm as they are not permitted to wear a jumper and they don’t want to put a tie on.

I just wondered if this was being relaxed, or if these staff are taking matters into their own hands and defying the regs?

Here’s the para from 1358C

I think more likely option C; they don’t know they’re wrong.

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Don’t forget that this doesn’t count for blouses as they don’t have a top button.

If it’s females you’re seeing then they’re in the clear!

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I look forward to the change to equalise dress regs so that male staff can wear open necks too. Or should I start wearing a blouse? :wink:

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One male one female - so thats 50% in the clear!

Remember also that females don’t always wear blouses either; there are shirts too.
If wearing a female shirt then one still has to wear a tie with their jersey.

You do have to wonder why people write these regs with something that is so out of step with the modern world. I didn’t wear a tie for well over 30 years in my old job as attitudes changed and now in a school male teachers in a tie is not mandatory.

I may be old school but I have a pathological hatred of open neck shirts with jumpers - especially with the Val Doonican v necks that are issued today - they just look so gash and untidy

If we must allow open neck shirts in jumpers then lets go back to round necks keeping the collars tucked in

…but then maybe I want to stay living in the 1980s…

Nobody should be wearing a proscribed uniform anyway.


This I imagine is something that in the RAF no one actually cares about. As far as I’m concerned sticking a jumper over a short sleeved shirt shouldn’t require the wearer to put on a tie. The regs state that shirt sleeves aren’t to be rolled up, but as a cadet I always used to when writing so as not to get ink on my cuffs

If we’re going to allow open necked shirts with v neck jerseys then we simply must introduce a cravat.

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Should be silk, surely, old chap?


How many people wear a proper shirt and or tie day to day in their real lives? I haven’t for probably 35 years, since dress down Friday became every day, and only worn a proper shirt with or without a tie a handful of times. You could ask the same in the armed forces, I can only think of seeing a handful of people on camps wearing both. How many wear a jumper unless it’s cold?

I wear a suit and tie to the “big” office… and would everyday to my usual place of work if my job didn’t involve getting dirty half the time.

I quite like wearing a jacket out for drinks/dinner.

My favourite uniform is No.1.

Maybe I’m some kind of weirdo :joy: but I quite like it!

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I wouldn’t put our jumper on if it isn’t cold… you’d cook! I’ve stood out in the snow in one of our jumpers and not got cold!


guilty - as do the other 200 engineers, chemists, lab technicians, sales, finance and others at my work…


I like it when its cold enough to warrant the greatcoat.


I do find people’s antagonism to other people wearing a tie odd. I wear a tie for work, but not the rest of the time. This isn’t unusual.
Personally, for RAFAC stuff, I think at the rank I’ve reached it’s appropriate I wear a tie generally, so I don’t often wear a short-sleeved shirt. Others disagree. That’s life.