Jump from YFA to IFA

I’m selected for a IFA course next year, but I only have YFA. I’ve heard it’s a big jump from YFA to AFA, so I feel like IFA might be a very steep learning curve. Is there anything I can do to better prepare myself?

IFA? Not sure what that is!

Do you mean the cadet first aid instructor course? That is a big step up from YFA.

It would be useful to build your first aid knowledge. If you can borrow a first aid manual and read it through, that will be good prep. Good luck, it’s a demanding course with a lot to cover.

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Is it the course held in W&W region in the half term?

That would make sense! EFA, YFA, AFA, then IFA.

But it does confuse me slightly. Pretty sure cadets can teach EFA/YFA after doing their AFA. Same as CFAV. I thought what the Gold course allows is for them to be able to assess AFA courses. Not instruct on them.

But yes, going from YFA straight to the week long first aid gold course would be a very big jump. I would have thought that holding AFA would be a pre-requisite to doing the Gold course?

A cadet having only AFA is allowed to support with the delivery of EFA & YFA and not take lead on the course.

Having YFA or AFA and the addition of MOI in each case plus going on the EFA instructors course, would allow them to teach EFA.

Having Gold FA allows you to lead instruct EFA & YFA and to maintain this you would need to deliver 2 YFA courses per.

It’s the same as Cyber. Cadets need gold to teach bronze.

Cadets, with MOI and AFA, can teach EFA and YFA in the same way a CFAV can! This is why the Gold course slightly confuses me. The only thing it really enables a cadet to do, that they couldn’t otherwise do, is assess AFA courses. But not teach on them.

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And complete a train the trainer course

Which is a bit silly really

There may be an interpretation of the requirements here.

In ACTO 8 for the trainer of YFA it states, 16 hour FA course & MOI to support training; for EFA it’s the same but must be registered to be able to deliver.

I think the key term here is support in my view anyway

Are RAFAC going the same way as the parent service? We went from DIT being a licence to teach nearly anything to DTTT being little more than a pre-req for specific instructional courses. Now the only Defence Trainer courses are for those posting into a Phase 1 or 2 training establishment, with a focus on duty of care, etc. Those in training roles ultimately qualify with civilian teaching qualifications now.

Yep. Got super lucky that it fell into half term. Right in between mocks though so that’s lovely.


Although you have YFA qualification currently you will do the AFA & many other quals on the course and will be supported by the course staff.

You will have been selected by your Wing because they see you have the potential to deliver EFA & support the delivery of YFA.

Currently ACTO8 states the requirement is YFA. Speak to your Wing First Aid Officer, or the Course Director who I am sure will help you beforehand.

Your Wing First Aid Officer & the Course staff want you to be successful so they will support you.