Does anyone have the latest version? If so can you PM me please

It doesn’t exist anymore. You want the CCF Regulations. I’ve got the 2019 version, not sure if there is a newer one though.

JSP 814 may also be useful for what ever it is you are looking for!

oh, the CCF Regs is what I’m after…

PM me your email and I’ll send you what i have

Would be interested to know what you are looking for, though.

313 is referenced in the current version of 20a but does not seem to exist…and I’m doing some fact checking



JSP 313 was withdrawn when CCF Regulations were published.

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What’s the Ccf regulations called now? I.e does it have a JSP, AP number

AC72133. The fact that it’s now an Army Code is because of the Army being the Lead Service for the CCF.

Current version is Version: 1.0.0 published: 05/09/2019.

It’s not protectively marked so if you can supply an email @Farmerdan or I can send a copy. You’ve not said what you are looking for, which makes me suspect you’re trying to find a gotcha…

I now have a copy, thanks all