Joining with dyed hair

so im going to be joining air cadets in a couple of months and i have red and black hair (“skunk stripes”) and im not sure if thats allowed with uniform regulations and that as the blacks not too obvious when tied up but the red is so im just not too sure if i would get in any trouble or anything

Our dress are that If hair is dyed or highlighted it should be natural colours.

However, its worth noting that you wouldnt be in uniform for a little while so theres an opportunity of time to grow out the die/return to a natural colour, so i wouldnt use the hair as a reason to not join just being transparent that it would need to change before wearing the blue or green stuff


When i joined i had the ends of my hair dip-dyed turquoise and no staff ever mentioned anything to me about it, but i ended up cutting my hair about 2 months in so it wasn’t an issue anymore. However you should speak to your local sqn staff once you have joined as i recently met a cpl with purple hair who i presume spoke to her staff before she dyed it. While strictly speaking it doesn’t fit dress regs i highly doubt you would be turned away for having dyed hair. (edit: At the end of the day, it is just a hobby no matter what certain members of the organisation may say and it shouldn’t be something that you feel you have to change yourself ( whether that be physically (eg hair colour) or personality wise) to be a part of and if you feel that your appearance being strictly regulated like this is something you are uncomfortable with then perhaps this organisation isn’t for you)