Joining Instruction Templates and Accounting Guidelines

Hi all

I’m on the scrounge. What with cadet portal changing how we send out info to cadets I’m after creating some generic templates for joining instructions that staff can edit details on so we can give them to cadets.

Does anyone have anything similar I can nab so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel?

On a similar note I want to create some instructions for my staff when they’re running an event to help with the finances I want a layman’s guide to how to do it (thinking things like a) work out costs in advance. B) divide costs by total number of participants c) advertise to cadets d) take money and give receipts in accordance with cash handling e) keep a note and receipt for expenditure f) make a ledger at the end that shows all money incoming and outgoing with receipts that balances and send to treasurer via me).

Again anyone have something similar?

i would offer what i have used in the past but i can only offer pictures not files…

I shall PM you with a email address you can reply to and I shall forward on the word document but offer the picture for reference

of course the boxes on the RHS are filled in as appropriate to the activity with those on the LHS added and removed as required

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