Joining a year late?


I’m applying to my local squadron because I decided to actually do something for once. I was wondering if this would put me at any disadvantage for some reason since I’m currently about 14 and a half and in S3.

Thanks for looking!


No problem whatsoever! Have fun!


If by apply you mean entering your details on the aircadets website, you’re better going to the squadron and speaking to them there. There isn’t an application process.


Absolutely not, our oldest cadet to join was 17!


Best advice…
Get off the internet head to your local squadron and start meeting new people who have the same interest in you…

Age has little to do with having fun!


Dont worry about it.Get stuck in and join your local squadron.I recently had a cadet join in August last year who turned 17 at the end of last month.Hes keen as mustard and is getting lots of activities in and having fun which after all is what a cadet should be all about.


You might be older but that might just mean you find the initial training easier. The “secret” to progressing in any cadet organisation isn’t joining at 12, it is taking advantage of the training opportunities that you are offered.


Depends on the unit I k is one that currently has an 18 month wait.

But yeah joint at 14 is no issue at all, when werecriit we do 2 year groups at once so it’s quite normal.


Just join and get involved. You might be surprised who you see there from school.

Our intakes although predominately Yr8 range up to Yr11. The older ones though are understandably concentrating on GCSE.
A CO of a local sqn tried to operate a maximum joining group and created a waiting list, as it’s what they did at his old sqn, but it backfired and when they were contacted many were no longer interest and now takes all comers.
The only waiting list we have are those under age who express an interest, who we contact 2 months before they become eligible.